AppleScript Certification

AppleScript Certification - Course Description

AppleScript Course - This course is designed to show participants how to use AppleScript for development.

Duration: Full Day Course (3 Days, 4hrs each)

Learn AppleScript to work smarter, not harder, in our no-tears, hands-on, introductory Workflow Automation with AppleScript class. Learn AppleScript fundamentals and ways to create powerful workflow automation solutions by controlling applications with AppleScript in the course. Participants will complete hands-on exercises designed to reinforce learning, and finish the course by developing real-world AppleScript software automation solutions.

India's 1st Apple Authorised Training Centre for Mac OS X now offers a comprehensive and hands-on training programme in AppleScript. First developed to facilitate inter-application communication using Apple Events, Apple-Script is a structured command language; with aspects of both object oriented programming and natural language programming. The term Apple-Script itself can refer to either one of two things – to the scripting system itself, or to an individual script written using this scripting system. The system, which was first released in 1993, has evolved greatly through the years and achieved enhanced usability and flexibility.

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Enrol at AIMS Institutes, one of the authorized Apple training centres in Bangalore for a thorough hands-on AppleScript training and to get an AppleScript certification.