iOS L1 Application Development Certification

iOS L1: Application Development Certification - Course Description

This is an iOS app development course for beginners. In this course, students will learn iOS app development basics for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

Prerequisites to the course are simple: the student needs to have a basic understanding of Object Oriented Programming, basic knowledge of the OS X and how to navigate a personal computer, and basic programming concepts behind C, C++ / Java. The course is intended for the use of aspiring iOS and developers, developers working on different platforms, or students seeking a holistic exposure to app development in general. The course itself deals with the language, framework and processes that go into iOS app development.

Duration: Full Day Course (5 days, 8hrs each)

The complete course consists of ten modules, which are as follows:

Who Should Attend

What You Will Learn


Enrol for the iOS L1 application development course at AIMS Institutes, Bangalore and learn iOS app development basics at our Apple authorised training centre.