Mountain Lion 100 Certification

Mac OS X Training & Certification (Mountain Lion 100)

The Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion tutorial for beginners is a great way to get started as an Apple certified professional.

The Mac OS X tutorial orients you to the ninth iteration of Apples desktop and server operating system which are the most powerful and versatile yet. You’ll learn about streamlining the interaction and integration between multiple Apple devices, improving malware blocking and cloud integration.

Duration : Full Day Course (1 day, 8hrs)

The Mac OS X tutorial for beginners is a one-day preliminary course for those who are not familiar with Mac OS X, and for those who need to prepare for the Mac OS X Support Essentials course or other technical Mac OS X training courses. This course focuses on getting to know the foundations of Mac OS X, with topics ranging from efficient window and application management to system customization. You'll also learn how to configure user accounts and manage files.

Who Should Attend

Since this is a foundation course, it is beneficial for entry level IT personnel in businesses that use Mac OS X systems for general productivity or creative design, service technicians who support Mac OS X customers, and technical coordinators or power users who manage networks of Mac OS X systems for their organization—such as teachers and technology specialists who manage a classroom network or computer labs.


Practical working knowledge of computers is necessary.

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