Mac OSX Integration 10.8 Certification

Mac OSX Integration 10.8 Certification

MAC OSX Integration 10.8 training will teach you to deploy and manage multiple Mac computers.

Duration : Full day course (1 day, 8hrs)

In this Mac OS X Integration 10.8 guide, you will learn how to:

Who Should Attend

This guide is for people bringing a Mac Operating System (the Mac OS X 10.8) into a small-business environment that's predominantly Windows-based, and is most likely using the Windows Small Business Server. Users replacing a Windows computer with a Mac as well as system administrators supporting Mac users can attend.


A basic understanding of Mac terminology is essential. Students are encouraged to refresh their knowledge of the Mac OS X basics beforehand.

Helpful Resources

Switch 101 ( Helps to change and adapt old working habits learned on a Windows operating system to a Mac
Mac 101: For individuals who are new to computers or individuals who have not worked on Macs before.
If a student is temporarily unable to access their module, Apple Mac Training guides are also available on Apple’s official Mac Training website.

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