Creative Professionals Certifications for professional photographers, filmmakers, editors, sound designers, music producers, and multimedia artists who work with Aperture, Color, DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Server, Logic Pro, Motion and Soundtrack Pro.

Final Cut Pro X is one of USA’s most popular video and film editing software, comprising almost 50% of the entire market. Its powerful software allows for non-linear editing of a number of video formats right from HDV to 4K film formats. Editing can be carried out on multiple video tracks (limits depend on hardware), unlimited audio-track processing, multi-camera editing, transition tools, filter tools, a 3-way color correction filter, generators (slugs, test cards, noise) and videoscopes. The interface itself hearkens back to the days of non-computerised editing in terms of work layout and priority setting: four windows (Viewer, Browser, Canvas and Timeline) that make use of tried-and-tested editing algorithms. The experience is now further enhanced thanks to the Motion 5, which makes use of a motions graphics tool to create terrific transitions and special effects.

FCP 200: Comprehensive Study of Final Cut Pro X - Provides an in-depth study of the primary feature set and basic interface of Final Cut Pro.

Duration : Full Day Course (5 days, 8hrs each), Evening Course (12 days, 3hrs each), Weekend Course (5 Saturdays, 8hrs each)

FCP 300: Final Cut Pro X Advance Editing - Advance editing with Final Cut Pro X.

Duration : Duration : Full Day Course (3 days, 8hrs each)

Motion 101: Introduction to Motion 5 - Covers interface fundamentals, particles, blend modes, layer organisation, and fundamental multi-layer editing.

Duration : Full Day Course (3 days, 8hours each)