Creative Professionals Certifications for professional photographers, filmmakers, editors, sound designers, music producers, and multimedia artists who work with Aperture, Color, DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Server, Logic Pro, Motion and Soundtrack Pro.

The Apple Logic Pro 9 is a powerhouse of sound tools with in-depth lessons covering MIDI, audio recording, editing, arrangement, user-defined key commands, automation, scoring to picture and surround mixing. The AppleLogic Express 9 on the other hand is a lite version of Logic Pro 9. The main difference between the two is that Logic Pro can handle multichannel surround sound projects where as Logic Pro is limited to two-channel stereo mixdowns.

Students taking the Logic Procourses should possess a basic knowledge of Mac OS X functionality and navigation, as well as knowledge of standard audio terminology. The class is designed to cater to students who wish to learn music composition and production using Logic Pro 9. They will be taught workflow techniques, pitch manipulation and audio effects.

Students who wish to do preliminary reading for this course can look up “Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9" by David Nahmani, which is also available in multiple languages.

Logic 101: Introduction to Logic Express 9 and Logic Pro 9 - Introduces students to the primary feature set and basic user interface of Logic Express and Logic Pro.

Duration :Full Day Course (5 days, 8hours each), Evening Course (12 days, 3hours each), Weekend Course (5 Saturdays, 8hours each)

Logic 301: Advanced Music Production in Logic Pro 9 - Takes students through Logic Pro's powerful advanced features, covering everything from production to editing and mixing.

Duration : Full Day Course (3 days, 8hours each)