The AIMS Centre for Admissions facilitates the admission process of the prospective students by offering them necessary counseling and career guidance to help them select the right programme and the professional assistance they require. AIMS Centre for Admission conducts selection rounds for admissions from time to time during the year at the Campus as well as at different regional centres within the country and across the globe. The centre guides and helps students in processing their applications for the admission in the institute.



An important trait of AIMS is to include culturally diverse student population. AIMS strongly believes that students from all over India as well as other countries, who represent a broad spectrum of diversified cultural and economic environments, develop communal harmony and add to rich learning experience. Hence, the selection process is carefully designed to take account of this aspect.

Each applicant is objectively assessed by the selection committee, which is constituted of technical and HR experts, on the basis of his / her academic accomplishments, analytical, communication and presentation capabilities. All the applicants who make through the preliminary selection process are personally interviewed by the CEO before the final acceptance. Admissions are finalized only after completing all the formalities and submission of required documents.