International Students at AIMS, Bangalore:

International students who come to AIMS Institutes under the International Student Exchange Programme will find the institute and its surroundings conducive and comforting for studies. There is a special help centre known as AIMS Centre for International Liaisoning or ACIL which international students can refer to for any assistance regarding their stay and education at AIMS.

The staff and teachers are very amicable and students will find them friendly and helpful. The international candidates get to mix with a cross-cultural mix of other students from across the country and AIMS always promotes a very healthy exchange of thoughts and ideas among them. Basic needs of the students are taken care of in the living quarters where all modern amenities are provided for a comfortable living. The on-campus food is available to students at affordable rates. However, they have a plethora of options when it comes to eating outside the campus.

AIMS nurtures cross-cultural environment that makes International Students feel at home. Several important International days are observed to respect the sentiments and love for the countries of students of international origin.

AIMS offer the following services through AIMS Centre for International Liaisoning (ACIL) to the international students :