AIMS CENTRE FOR INTERNATIONAL LIAISON (ACIL) was established in the year 2009 with an objective to provide global exposure to AIMERS through various initiatives with foreign universities like student / faculty exchange programmes, joint-research projects, joint-conferences, and facilitating international immersion programmes. Apart from this, ACIL is the support system to all the international students pursuing their education at AIMS.

ACIL is instrumental in arranging and establishing tie ups with Universities and educational institutions of repute across the world. AIMS enjoys a close working relationship with 18 international universities and educational institutions spread across 5 continents from Canada to Japan.

ACIL for Students

With approximately 150 international students pursuing their education at AIMS, our campus reflects a global village. Students from over 20 countries from all corners of the world from Mongolia to Fiji Islands and from South Africa to France are studying here.

ACIL assists students in enrolling in supplementary programmes through student exchanges with leading international Universities, apart from specialized augmentation programmes conducted by renowned international adjunct faculty at AIMS. ACIL also organizes short educational tours for students to international locations. Participation in conferences, seminars and international competitions are also encouraged. Students with high scholastic ability are given opportunity to work on joint research projects with students or faculty from foreign Universities. ACIL also facilitates internship programmes for students with international companies at sites in India as well as overseas.