Certificate Programme in Culinary Arts of Italian Cuisine

Certificate Programme

Certificate in Culinary Arts Syllabus

Culinary arts demand its practitioners to design dishes which are pleasing to eye as well as to the palate. It combines elements from different disciplines like nutrition, language, culture, history and many others. The culinary arts syllabus caters to a student’s need to be a versatile practitioner of Italian cuisine.

AIMS Institutes in association with ALMA offers a 4-week intensive certification for those students with a passion for Italian cuisine. ALMA is the world’s leading international educational and training centres for Italian cuisine headquartered at Palazzo Ducale of Colorno near Parma, Italy. Chefs and sommeliers from across the world go there to be trained by some of the world’s experts in Italian cuisine.

Not only does the syllabus of the culinary arts certificate course allow its students to learn the fundamental techniques of Italian cooking, but it also exposes them to the culture, history and geography of Italy. Any culinary artist will tell you that these play an important role in shaping a country’s cuisine.

A special part of the culinary arts school curriculum is that students learn some basic Italian words as well as standard terms used to describe Italian food.

The 4-week intensive course is delivered at ALMA, Italy.

The culinary arts course outline is divided into the following modules.

Students should note that the certification is awarded only on successful completion of the programme according to the norms of the university and ALMA.

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