Certificate Programme

The 4-week Certificate in Culinary Arts offered by AIMS Institutes in association with ALMA gives students with a passion for Italian cuisine international training and exposure, and an opportunity to better their best. ALMA is a world-renowned training institute for Italian cuisine and is known for its educational expertise. AIMS Institutes and ALMA together offer students specialized programmes in Italian cuisine. ALMA is responsible for imparting high-quality education for chefs and sommeliers from various countries all over the world. They are trained by the world’s leading teachers, and this is one of the few Italian cuisine courses that provides an international platform for students.

The culinary arts certificate programme is delivered at ALMA which has its headquarters in the magnificent Palazzo Ducale of Colorno near Parma, and has up-to-date training facilities for a range of Italian cuisine. Students get to learn hands-on the intricacies of Italian cooking, and have the opportunity to be surrounded by the culture of Italian cuisine.

For all these reasons we are convinced that for those with a passion for culinary arts the ALMA certification is a fitting choice for a secure future as well as an extraordinary training experience.

This culinary arts certification provides a great opportunity for the students and alumni of AIMS to explore possibilities in the world of Italian cuisine. This programme is open for the alumni of AIMS Institutes only. Students should note that the certification is awarded only on successful completion of the programme according to the norms of the university and ALMA.

If you are looking for culinary courses in Bangalore, look no further than the culinary arts certification offered by ALMA and AIMS Institutes.