AIMS - ALMA Dual Degree Programme

Program Eligibility

AIMS - ALMA Dual Degree Programme Eligibility

ALMA is a renowned centre for education in Italian Culinary Arts. It is host to a large number of international students who go there to master their skills in culinary art, especially Italian cuisines. The faculty is world-class and some of the best-known chefs from around the world serve as teachers at this Institute.

The student must complete 4 years of BHM or 3 years of BA (Hospitality and Event Management) at AIMS, Bangalore before travelling to Parma, Italy to complete the 1 year degree from ALMA. On completion of the programme at ALMA the student will receive the Dual-degree from AIMS and ALMA.

The value of the dual-degree programme is multiplied a few folds with the inclusion of the 1 year degree programme from ALMA. The reputation of ALMA is such that after completion of the dual degree, students find it an easy option to join a leading organization at a suitable induction level.

The pre-requisites for a degree in culinary arts are given below:

BHM + ALMA Degree

BA (Hospitality & Event Management) + ALMA Degree

"A student would be awarded both the degrees only if he / she successfully completes the respective programmes as per the norms of the university / ALMA."