Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Sociology and Economics

BA in (Psychology, Sociology & Economics)

Can you get a psychology and sociology degree and one in economics at the same time?

Absolutely! The Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Sociology and Economics (BA-PSE) Department at AIMS Institutes, Bangalore was established in the year 2014 and is affiliated to Bangalore University. It is recognized by Government of Karnataka. as one of the well-known psychology colleges in Bangalore.

What is the benefit of a BA in Psychology, Sociology and Economics Degree?

A BA in economics will only allow careers in economics and similarly a BA in sociology opens doors to careers in social fields. Sociology and economics as social sciences are closely related since economics has a large influence on social studies. While economics deals with the production, consumption and distribution of wealth, sociology allows us to study these aspects in relation to the societal structures. A bachelor’s degree that combines all these fields in one programme, offers high career value and opportunities for students.

Duration: 3 years (6 Semesters)

Why BA in Psychology, Sociology and Economics at AIMS Institutes?

A bachelor’s degree in psychology with sociology and economics from AIMS Institutes is one of the best combinations that open’s your mind to understand the world and how it works. It provides you an opportunity to specialize in any one of the three leading subjects. The AIMS Institutes course is designed by industry experts and has the right mix of theory and practical knowledge to advance the students careers by giving them an edge in the fields of psychology, sociology & economics.