Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts - Music and Dance

BA in Performing Arts Degree (Music and Dance )

Duration: 3/4 yrs (6/8 semesters)

The Bachelor’s degree in Performing arts (BA in Performing Arts) was started at AIMS Institutes, Bangalore in 2014. It is affiliated to Bangalore University and recognized by the Government of India. The duration of the course is three or four years comprising of six or eight semesters.

The Bachelor of Performing Arts degree course involves the integrated study of, music and dance practices. Students will learn the theory as well the on-stage performance skills through this course. The course is quite challenging and will interest students with a creative bend, those like to be in the limelight and love to perform on stage. Our Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts is an opportunity for students to train themselves, express ideas and emotions through dance or music. The course offers conceptual knowledge, a thorough grounding in techniques and grammar, and of course, training in performance. Students must specialize in one of the art forms out of the three categories- Dance (Indian classical), Music which are offered at AIMS Institutes.

One of the upcoming and best performing arts colleges in Bangalore, AIMS Institutes offers the best understanding of the performing arts in the context of history and culture while providing excellent opportunities for the students to perform at various events.

After completing this course, the students have opportunities galore and can choose a career in entertainment industry in TV, film or theatre, choreography or in the music industry.

If performing arts is your calling and passion, enrol for the B.A in Performing Arts course at AIMS Institutes today.