BA - Bachelor in Psychology, Journalism, Optional English

The demand for careers related to human behaviour are gathering pace. One study projects that there will be 13-15% growth in most careers that are associated with BA in Psychology and Journalism with Optional English.

BA in Journalism and Psychology with Optional English (BA-OPJ) course at AIMS, Bangalore was established in the year 2014. It is recognized by the Government of Karnataka as one of the well-known psychology colleges in Bangalore.

A psychology degree can lead to careers in social services, counselling, human resources or community relation. The AIMS Institutes course have been designed by industry experts to ensure the latest in the field is imparted to the students. The psychology and journalism course offers concentration and specialization in fields like organizational behaviour, child psychology and many others. This degree also offers Optional English which is another career avenue the students can explore.

Duration : 3/4 years (6/8 Semesters)

Why BA in psychology at AIMS Institutes?

A BA in (Psychology, Journalism, and Optional English) is the minimum requirement for most careers in this field and at AIMS Institutes, we foster excellent skill development so that our students have the required knowledge & skill to enter into a wide range of employment areas. Here the course is not limited to careers in one subject because of this triple major combination which builds a strong foundation in three different subjects at the same time.