BCA Course in Bangalore

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Duration : 3/4 years (6/8 Semesters)

The department of Bachelor of Computer Application was established at AIMS Institutes in the year 2000 to replace B.Sc. Computer Science. Initially the intake of this department was 60 students, which was subsequently increased to 120 students. Today we are one of the premier BCA colleges in Bangalore. This department has been consistently producing good results and of late in the year 2009, it secured 4th in Bangalore University ranks.

The BCA degree prepares the students for manpower requirement of the fast developing IT/Software industry. Students that join the department of BCA at the college come from a varied backgrounds. To enable them to familiarise with the course, orientation classes are held to make students feel at ease with the content of the degree curriculum as well as to develop rapport with their peers and classmates. The multi-cultural nature of the students helps them develop interpersonal relationships as well as improve their communication skills for a better work environment in the future.

Students get to participate in friendly group activities. Clubs and other forms of group exercises help keep students engaged in co-curricular activities. Student-teacher relationship is cordial and friendly and the campus life is equally fun.