Diploma in Culinary Arts of Italian Cuisine

Diploma in Culinary Arts

AIMS Institutes in association with ALMA, which is the world’s leading international educational and training centre for Italian cuisine offers specialized Italian cuisine courses. Cuisine.

This association provides a great opportunity for the students and alumni of AIMS to explore possibilities in the world of Italian cuisine. The ALMA diploma is open for the alumni of AIMS only.

ALMA trains professional chefs and sommeliers in the intricacies of Italian cuisine. Training programmes at the highest level, executed by the world's leading teachers. A diploma in culinary arts from ALMA is a matter of pride for a student. There are a number of culinary arts institutes in Italy but none as reputed and prestigious as ALMA.

ALMA has its headquarters in the magnificent Palazzo Ducale of Colorno near Parma, equipped with the latest teaching and cooking facilities. Being a world leader in education and training, students get to experience state-of-the-art infrastructure at ALMA School of Culinary Arts. Moreover, it is the Mecca of world chefs and the best provisions are always available. The Palazzo Ducale of Colorno is steeped in history where students have the opportunity to get a taste of medieval Italy.

If you are someone who has a flair for cooking Italian dishes and making them stand head and shoulders above the rest, ALMA is the place to sharpen your skills and ensure your success in the field of Italian cuisine.

Students looking for culinary courses in Bangalore should note that the programme is for the students / alumni of AIMS Institutes only. AIMS Institutes is a facilitator for the programme which is delivered by AIMS Consulting and Learning (ACL).

If you are looking for a diploma in culinary arts in Bangalore, consider this unique training and contact us to know more.