International Student Exchange:

The International Student Exchange Programme is a multinational programme undertaken by a group of friendly countries to initiate student exchange among them. The programme has in its network 45 friendly countries including India. The primary objective of the International Student Exchange Programme is to bring diversity in the education campus of these countries and also to promote quality higher education programme among its students.

In an International Student Exchange Programme each outbound participatory student needs to pay the full fees for a term (including tuition-fees, board-fees and meals) to the home institute for study abroad under a foreign university. This exchange facilitates the incoming of a foreign student into the home university and the cost is adjusted with the sum the outbound participant pays.

The core principles of the student exchange programme are study abroad, accessibility, affordability and promotion of international higher education. The participatory countries have member educational institutes who send their students abroad to pursue higher education in an institute of a foreign country. This helps in cross-cultural activities and multi-dimensional exchange of ideas and points of view.

This programme also facilitates the visiting student to score credits in a foreign university and get those credits counted back in their home university for further evaluation. There is always a two-way exchange of information between the home university and the visiting university and all records of the students are shared between them.

This application form meant for students who are joining AIMS as a part of international student exchange programme