MBA Selection Process:

Individuals who wish to participate in the AIMS Selection Process for MBA programmes can find relevant information in this section. The selection process is a pre-admissions selection for the ideal candidates who will be enrolled into the MBA Programme. Students are screened in this section and their individual goals and aspirations are looked into with great detail by the admission officials. The information provided by the candidate will be taken into consideration in deciding which programme is offered to the candidate.

Candidates should not confuse the MBA selection process with the admission process for the programmes. The selection process form is not the admission application form and only after the student is through with the selection process and qualifies a seat in any of the programmes offered, will the admission process start.

The students need to thoroughly fill out the questionnaire provided along with the selection process form in order to gain maximum leverage for their skills and aspirations. The students’ academic performance along with his personal merit and skills will be the determinants for the course he/she is offered. This entire criterion will be considered while selecting individuals for a programme. Therefore, candidates must take utmost care in filling out the selection process form. Once completely filled, the candidate must review the contents of the selection process form a few times before finally sending it to the admission office at AIMS Institutes.