The institute provides accommodation to International Students at a separate exclusive facility. The hostel for foreign students has a provision for cooking meals in a separate kitchen area. There is availability of wi-fi access in the foreign student accommodation facility and students can connect their computers for an internet access from anywhere in and around the hostel vicinity. Each room in the international student accommodationarea is fitted with a well-furnished bathroom with hot water access. There is also provision for basic furniture like study table, bed, chairs and curtain rods. There is a common dining room for all the international students in the hostel living quarters.

The security of the students is taken very seriously and placements of security guards make for efficient security of the students. The health and hygiene factors of the hostel are also taken into account with a view to providing a clean living area to the students.

Additionally, the hostel has tie-ups with nearby hospitals of repute and in case of an emergency, speedy and up-to-date medical attention is given to the sick student at these hospitals. The list of hospitals that AIMS hostel has a tie-up with are:

There is also provision for student recreation with playgrounds near the hostel. Foreign students can take part in all kinds of sporting activities if they desire to do so during their stay.

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