iOS L1 Application Development Certification

iOS L1 Application Development Certification- Course Outline

In this course you will learn the basics of iOS application development. The knowledge you will gain in this programme will equip you with the necessary skills to develop applications for the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. Scroll below to view the iOS application development course duration and details.

Duration: Full Day Course (5 days, 8hrs each)

Lesson 1 (Overview of iPhone & iPad Development)

  • Xcode 4 IDE and Integrated Nib File Editor (Interface Builder)

Lesson 2 (Overview of Objective C Programming and Object in iOS)

  • Object, Classes and Messaging
  • Categories and Extensions
  • Fast Enumeration
  • Static Behaviour Selectors
  • Threading
  • Remote Messaging
  • Exception Handling
  • Memory Management

Lesson 3 (Building the User Interface)

  • UI Application class
  • UI Application Delegate
  • Connecting UI Window, UI Application and UI Application Delegate
  • UI View Classes & Controller Classes
  • IB Outlet and IB Action
  • UI View Controller and Application Life Cycle Events
  • Exploring the views
  • Passing Data between Views
  • Adding view Dynamically
  • Switching views
  • Action sheet
  • UI Controls
  • UI TextField and UI Text Area

Lesson 4 (Tab Bars and Navigation)

  • UI Tab Bar and UI Tab Bar Controller
  • Tab Bar Application template
  • Creating a Tab bar Application
  • UI Navigation Bar
  • UI Navigation Controller
  • UI Navigation Item
  • Manipulating Navigation Bar items
  • Implementing Navigation Bar in a simple Application
  • Tabbed applications

Lesson 5 (Table Views)

  • UI TableView and Table View Controller
  • Table Views Delegates
  • Table View data sources
  • Selecting & editing Table rows
  • Grouping and indexing rows
  • Table layout
  • Using a table in a navigation controller

Lesson 6 (Core Data)

  • Core Data Architecture
  • Core Data schemas
  • Data Models
  • Loading, fetching & saving a Model's Data

Lesson 7 (Inputs)

  • Keyboard inputs
  • Customizing the types of inputs
  • Displaying, dismissing of keyboard

Lesson 8 (Data handling and Persistence)

  • File handling and basic data persistence
  • Property list types and objects
  • Creating and modifying of data using pList
  • Working with SQLite data base
  • Introduction to Web Services Consumption

Lesson 9 (Debugging)

  • Introduction to debugging
  • Types of debugging and debugging preferences
  • Managing program execution
  • Setting and viewing breakpoints

Lesson 10 (Deployment)

  • Configuring Development and Distribution Assets
  • Becoming a Member of a Development Team
  • Setting Up Your Development Devices