MA in English Literature

Program Highlights

MA (Eng. Literature) Course Highlights

The Department of English is one of the premiere departments of the AIMS Institutes, Bangalore. It is supported by a committed team of lecturers and professors who effectively deliver the course contents of English and is renowned for consistently maintaining the high standards of teaching. The MA in English programmes aim at developing the interpretative and critical skills of the students. MA English Literature course highlights a number of poets, authors, literary works as well as various schools of criticism. This includes the study of the history of English Literature together with intense analysis of representative works of various eminent authors, poets and dramatists of the past and present century.

The MA course curriculum has been designed by distinguished personalities in the field of English Literature and other eminent academicians. The Department of English along with the student literary body assists at hosting various literary events like group discussions, debates, essay writing, extempore etc. These events create a much welcome group activity among students and help them to know and learn the various cultural mix and matches. The students also take part in English Clubs where various literary events are organised from time to time. The scope of MA in English is also tremendous.

Some of the salient features of the MA in English programme are: