Mac Management Basics Certification

Mac Management Basics Certification

Mac Management Basics 10.8 course gives you the technical know-how you need to deploy and manage multiple Mac computers.

Duration : Full day course (1 day, 8hrs)

To help you master the essential procedure of integration, the course is laid out sequentially, in order of the Apple training tools and techniques you need to know to become successful in deploying Mac computers.

The course starts out by demonstrating system software deployment through creating installer packages and network disk images, proceeds to managing OS X and ends with updating and caching services. Executed properly, integration should lead to a smooth transition into a system where all computers can seamlessly access resources and simultaneously comply with IT rules and regulations.

The Mac Management Basics 10.8 Course Outline


You need to have basic knowledge of Macs, Mac configuration, and network service access knowledge, which are all covered in Mac Integration Basics and Mac OS X Support Essentials.

Students looking to enhance their theoretical knowledge can visit Apple's official Mac Training website. Where they can find technical articles, manuals, and support forums.

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