Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Duration : 2 years (4 Semesters)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme at AIMS was set up in the year 1998 with the broad objective to impart professional education and training in various aspects of modern management. The MBA programme at AIMS takes into account the process of preparing a student to master the art of solving business problem. The aim of the institute is to provide students with opportunities to develop conceptual & analytical skills during their course of study. AIMS fosters attitude essential for the aspirant’s growth and ultimate development into competent, skilled and effective managers.

The MBA programme at AIMS seeks to provide the perfect learning ambience for budding management professionals. Equipped with highly reputed faculties and facilities, its goal is to spearhead the growth of these budding professionals into well-versed and skillful managers of the future.

Advantages of an AIMS MBA:

Some of the advantages that AIMS provide to its students are:

Students get an overall exposure from within as well as outside the curriculum. The vast measure of exposure like guest lectures, industry tours and overseas educational trips adds a lot of value to the course material. It further enhances the mindset and outlook of the student to a more realistic view of the business world. The MBA programme offered at AIMS help bridge the gap between the initial novice mind of the student to a more seasoned management professional.

Some of the graduates who have passed out of the MBA course from AIMS have established themselves as thought leaders and management evangelists with a promising career ahead of them.