Mountain Lion 100 Certification

Mountain Lion 100: Introduction to Mac OS X 10.8 - This course sets the foundation for working on a Mac OS X operating system. Most professionals are familiar with Windows operating systems and they often find it challenging to get used to the Mac OSX operating system which has a completely different user experience. The intuitive use models of the Mac OSX are greatly different from the more structured and tiered use models of Microsoft Windows. This introductory lesson helps you become much more comfortable with using gestures, applications and window switching.

Duration : Full day course (1 day, 8hrs)

The Mac OS X10.8 training duration is one day divided into two sessions.

Morning Session

To start things off, you have to get to know the Mac OS X user interface. In this session you will learn Mac OS X basics:

Afternoon Session

The Mac OS X 10.8 training course outline also covers Dashboard and Automator. Dashboard brings some of a mobile's functionality to the desktop by acting as a secondary desktop for your most frequently used simple application widgets while Automator lets you streamline your computer's most repetitive tasks by setting pre-ordained workflows for each one.

In this session you will:

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