Master of Science (MSc)

M.Sc in Mathematics programme at AIMS was established in the year 2014, is affiliated to Bangalore University and approved by Government of Karnataka. The admissions are based on merit as per the Karnataka Education Act, 50% of the seats are filled through the Bangalore University centralized admission process based on merit and the remaining 50% of the seats are filled by the AIMS Management. It is a two years programme spreading over four semesters each of which consists of 15 weeks. The curriculum is based on Choice Based Credit System(CBCS) and the total credits of all the four semesters is 100. There is a healthy balance between pure and applied mathematics across four semesters. The main focus of first two semesters is on both pure and applied mathematical topics such as Algebra, real analysis, complex Analysis, functional analysis, Topology, numerical analysis and mathematical modelling, ordinary and partial differential equations. The Advanced topics like Fluid mechanics, MagnetoHydroDynamics, Mathematical methods, Graph Theory, Differential geometry, Number Theory and Special Functions are covered in third and fourth semester. Besides, the students can choose an open elective from interdisciplinary department in third Semester. In addition, all four semester also covers two practicals each of which are based on mathematical tools like Scilab, Maxima, latex, latex beamer and other open free source softwares. This turns out to be an exciting opportunity to understand, how mathematics can be put to practical use. The most important component of this Programme is the project work in the final semester. The project work will help the students to pursue their career and higher studies in the field of Mathematics.