PCMB - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology


The application for the PCMB pre – university course usually starts by the middle of the year when the secondary results are out for the various boards of education. This is a very busy time for students as well as parents who have to reach out to the best senior secondary schools and junior colleges for admissions of their ward. This season sees a large influx of lot of students from different parts of the country that come to Bangalore for admissions at various renowned colleges. There is an equally big rush at the AIMS Institutes Pre-University College at this time for PUC admissions in Bangalore as students from all parts of the country come to avail a seat for the PCMB course at AIMS Institutes. The college has a very systematic application process and counsellors are always available for the guidance of the students who wish to enrol here.

The Admission process for the the PCMB course in the pre-university college at AIMS Institutes is as follows :

Note : AIMS Institutes Pre-University College offers scholarships based on merit to students who come from a needy and deprived background. Roster System is followed for this purpose.