‘Incredible India’ Needs You In Travel & Tourism!

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), travel and tourism accounts for 8% of jobs worldwide. Some argue it's the world’s largest industry. Studies show 2.9% of the global Travel and Tourism workforce is in India alone. India is a land of stunning natural beauty and deep historical significance that naturally paves way for visitors from across the globe.

Worth the Visit, Incredible India

In 2014, the Himalayan mountain state of Sikkim became the world’s number 1 region to visit. The Wall Street Journal reports on the collaboration between Sikkim and the Lonely Planet to build a reputation for responsible international travel.


It is no secret that India scope for tourism is immense. With beautiful coastal hot-spots like Goa and Andaman Islands, ancient historical sites and popular monuments like the TajMahal, there’s no shortage of diverse,exquisite & unexplored destinationsin India.


The opportunities for travel and tourism in India grow every year. With thousands of tourists coming in, the hospitality industryis consequentially seeing a boost.

Scope for Growth

The WTTC has estimated that tourism in India contributed to 6.6% of the national GDP in 2012 and earned a whopping INR 6.4 trillion! Apart from supporting 7.7% of the national employment, India is becoming a hot destination for medical tourism, which has an annual growth of 30% and will reach INR 95 billion by 2015.4One could dare say that the room for growth in travel and tourism in India is nearly exponential!

Challenges to Overcome

However rapidly it may be increasing, the Indian travel and tourism industry faces quite a few challenges. Bad infrastructure, poor marketing, lack of human resources&security, taxes, poor services and ubiquitous red tape are some major hurdles standing in the way of this industry today.

Although there isn’t much that career aspirants in hospitality and tourism can do about things like red tape and taxation, they can tackle one problem head on - the lack of human resources.The industry is starved of qualified professionals who can provide quality services to foreign tourists and further increase our market value. A study conducted by Ministry of Tourism showed that current human resources doesn’t even cover 40% of the demand.

Filling this gap in demand with untrained individualshas led to more than 60% of the workforce being under-qualified and inexperienced, leading to poor quality of services being offered to foreign tourists. And that’s bad news for the Incredible Indian dream.

How Can You Help?

Don’t these abysmal statistics make you want to jump in and save the day? The great news is that you absolutely can!There is a vast spectrum of jobs that come under the broad umbrella of travel and tourism.Take a look at some of the major industrysectors and see where you could potentially fit in.

1. Hotels and Resorts


In this industry alone there are tons of different jobs depending on the area of interest. Housekeeping and hospitality, food and beverage services, hotel management and HR are just some of the exciting jobs available.

2. Restaurants And Commercial Food Service

Steward, restaurant manager, legal counsel, sales head, chef, cook and many more! There’s an array of job options to choose from in the commercial food service sector.

3. Meeting And Event Planning

Event planning is another major player that’s been on the rise in India. A lot of young graduates seem to be leaning towardevent management jobswithout adequate education backgrounds. Aspirants can expect a range of jobs like event promoter, event associate, Business Development executive, PR manager and others.

4. Tourism Destinations And Attractions

Popular tourist destinations offer a wide range of jobs. But apart from this, tourismcompanies today need professionals for profiles like internet marketing and training.


Despite the rumours, travel agencies are not dead! There is still a demand for them.Travel agencies can offer customized holiday packages to tourist sites. Tourists visiting for the first time are still need on-the-ground guidance, plans and suggestions that can make their stay worth the money.

5. Leisure, Recreation And Sports Management

This is another sector under travel and tourism that offers many potential opportunities. Take a look atleisure andsports management jobs here.

6. Airlines, Cruises And Other Transportation

There is a reason why the words “travel” and “tourism” go together. You can’t have one without the other!

Airlines, cruises and all other means of transportation from trains to taxis play a significant role in holding the tourism and hospitality industries together. Each field, consider airlines for instance, offers a host of jobs.

7. Environmentally Sustainable And Cultural Tourism Development

No one should promote tourism at the cost of the environment. Let’s face it, large swathes of people always bring with them a whole lot of garbage and other waste material. And India does not need any more of that!


It is important to work towards sustainable tourism so we can protect our country, our tourist attractions and in the bargain give tourists a better experience.Environmental law and sustainability has a huge scope in the future.

8. Spa And Wellness Management

Under the wings of hospitality, the spa and wellness management is booming. When people are on vacation they want to be pampered. Some people make a vacation out of just being at the spa for a few weeks!

In any case there is a huge potential here as well. Massage therapists, manicurists, cosmetologists, dermatologists and fitness trainers are just a few of the many job options that make up this industry.

9. Medical Tourism

Forbes calls it the next crown jewel of India. The medical tourism market is valued at nearly INR 267 billion!7 Big names like Fortis, Tata, Apollo Hospitals and Wockhardt are investing in modern hospitals and tourism-based services. One can only imagine the employment opportunities this will lead to, in thecoming years.

There is no shortage of potential employment opportunities in travel, tourism and hospitality in India. You canbe a great asset to this industry by being a professionally trained individual. Now is the time to pick a career that appeals to youto makeIncredible India the most attractive tourist destination in the world.